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The Moggs, Family by Friendship

Hey guys!  Sorry for the hiatus on blogging.  I was starting to wonder if anyone really reads blogs anymore.  And then I said to myself, who cares!  It’s important that people know that I am alive and also get a little glimpse into some of the gorgeous images I have been so honored to capture.

To start off this reblogg, are the Moggs!  I titled this entry family by friendship because I do value these people as family.  I have known them for several years through photography and I value them as family.  I have known them since their wee little Jake was born.  I have been there for so many fun photo shoots!  Rebecca is a genius at orchestrating and envisioning fun and creative photo shoots.  This girl has it going on!  Matt has this easy smile and easy way about him.  He is a paramedic and yes, I would definitely want him to be first on the scene if I were ever in a pinch.

Here are some scenes from our photo shoot about a year ago…


I celebrate the Mogg’s today because they celebrating something so unbelievably special, new life!


Congratulations dear friends!  Here’s to your new adventure!  Cheers!

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