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The Karps, Shelly and Matt, Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding

To know Shelly and Matt Karp is to count yourself lucky!  These guys are just about the most delightful couple I have ever met!  They have kindness and happiness emanating from their eyes.  The moment I met them, I said a little internal prayer that I would be lucky enough to spend a day with them at their wedding.

When you talk to them, they instantly have you at, “We are school teachers.  Yes we love SciFi!”

I felt an instant connection with these guys and knew the photography gods had smiled upon me the day I met Shelly and Matt.  Their wedding is one of my favorites from last season!  We. Had. A. Ball.

This was no small feat.  I was very fortunate to have Will Brawn of Brawn Photography as my wing man that day.  There is something to having a no nonsense, straight forward peer to keep everything in perspective.   Our jobs are so much more than a job, it is an adventure every single time.

Shelly and Matt have a tight-knit group of people who LOVE them and were very enthusiastic to share this day with them!  No wonder!  I am pretty sure the whole day was filled with smiles, tears of happiness, and lots of good laughter.

A rainy day in June is not unusual in Colorado.  You always plan for a beautiful rainy day.  Well played Karps.  You made the rainy day shine and come alive with your smiles and your love!  Thank you again for the most beautiful of weddings.



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