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The Bechtholdts in Breckenridge! Tying the knot on top of the world. Breckenridge Wedding

Sometimes, photographers just get lucky!  Really lucky!  Everything at their event is perfect and picturesque.  Even the mountains are visible and the wind is calm.  That was the case for Dane and Elana’s wedding in Breckenridge!  I have shot many a time in Breckenridge and she can be such a moody girl.  Windy, rainy, sunny, and cloudy all within the same hour.  This day was textbook perfect for their wedding.  Sunny with overcast, visibility for miles, and No. Flippin. Wind!  Eureka!


The event took place off of a hiking trail outside of Breckenridge overlooking Lake Dillon.  Everyone got some tasty refreshments before the festivities began.


I love Dane’s style.  His use of shell casings is awesome and perfect for the occasion.  There is so much you can do to show personality with just a little imagination and flowers.


Heading down the hiking trail to the ceremony area.   Public hiking trails lend themselves to a lot of nature-loving, under-oxygenated, free spirits who are slightly clueless about other humans in their surroundings.  I was perfectly fine to chase off hikers whom thought they could just follow the bride down the “isle” until after she had made her way down.  Nobody was going to steal any thunder in this wedding under my watch.


Ah the view!  Sapphire point in spectacular in every way possible.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the officiant of this stunning ceremony.   Pat is a family friend and I cannot help but smile and giggle about Pat.  He. Is. Comedy. Gold!  This day he leaned more on being patriarchal, executing the ceremony flawlessly, and giving a great focal point.  Everyone who knows Pat counts themselves lucky!  He is a great man.  He also rocks a paisley suit coat like nobody’s business.



After the ceremony we headed to Breckenridge to grab some close up mountain shots with the bridal party!  We got to ride the chairlifts to commemorate the event.  This was a cute moment with one of Dane’s hilarious brothers and wife.


Elana’s brother was abroad serving a mission and could not attend the wedding.  But he was not forgotten.  He was kept close to everyone’s heart and her bouquet.



These sweet little girls treated Elana like she was a Disney princess.  I say our princess was more beautiful.  Elana was kind and grabbed a shot with the little beauties.




Every wedding is an honor to witness and document.  Dane and Elana are married and happily part of a great tradition of love, laughter, and a lifetime of family!  Cheers, Becca Morgenegg, Avenue B Photography

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