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Brigette and Simon, Classic Beauty

Brigette and I met when she was going to school to learn to be a court reporter.  She was learning to use that crazy machine that helps with getting every jot and tittle down perfectly for the remainder of time in the court system.  One look at Brigette and she did not fit the stereotypical stenographer.  I always imagined an older woman with thick glasses and saggy hose with brown orthopedic shoes.  NOT Brigette.  She is a full-blown a-typical reporter and a full-blown Hottie!!!  Phew, thanks Brigette for shattering my stereotypes!  Enter Simon, tall and lean and easy going!  These characteristics are always so nice to have on-hand when spending the rest of your life with someone.  I find Simon a perfect fit for dear Brigette!  They are an amazing couple to spend time with.  They love each other fiercely and are just a good time!

Their beautiful wedding took place on the great plains of far eastern Colorado in Brigette’s tiny town of Burlington.  Burlington is your last stop before you reach Kansas.  It was a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky.  They opted for a traditional beautiful Catholic wedding and had an amazing reception in a beautifully decorated barn nearby.  This place was made for parties with two floors of amazingness.

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