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Miss Avenue B!

This is me

Hello and thank you for stopping by!  I am Becca and I LOVE my job!  It’s the cheese to my macaroni, the salt to my caramel.  I wouldn’t function without it.  I really love getting out there with you and your family and making some memories.

I also have this amazing family!  I am surrounded by a testosterone laden environment of four sons, a handsome and funny husband and even a male leopard gecko named Oscar.  It’s a lively world filled with legos, nerf guns, football and daily dodging projectiles!

I love simplicity!  I love a good belly laugh and I love to give them out as well!  Laughter just makes me feel good and the world go round.  I love to run, to swim, to bike, and to eat sushi (in that order).

My favorite time of day is SUNSET in the SUMMER.  Sun kissed imagery with you as center stage  is my specialty.  I also have a flash and am not afraid to use it!!!

Ever since I picked up a dSLR camera, I haven’t been the same. I view the world through the eyes of a lens and I love it. My life is so beautiful and I am blessed because of it.

This is what I love, capturing you and yours in a way not seen before.

Let’s make some memories, Avenue B style!